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Big Aussie Crocs

9999 unique Aussie made NFT’s made for bloody Aussie legends.

Join the congregation and become a true blue Big Aussie Croc (BAC) NFT holder. $40K AUD will be donated to Wildlife Warriors Worldwide upon full mint, helping protect all wildlife.

So come and dip your toes in to The Swamp… She’ll be right mate.

A little about us, we are an Aussie made NFT, 9999 up for grabs with fair distribution.

Of this 25 are unique 1/1 hand drawn which celebrate Australian Culture, and a further 50 will have Augmented Reality (AR) through our iOS and Android app, the croc will animate!

The biggest thing we are doing is providing real utility,

and we are ALREADY developing a 3D game.

Above all this we will be donating $40k AUD to Wildlife Warriors Worldwide after full mint. Further to this we will be donating $10k AUD a month every month to Australian charities over 6 months - our members will decide who!

Join our discord through our website to find out more details

and you can see sneak peaks of our 3D game!

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