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Welcome to the world of the Eggtomatons! It's wild and fun, but you might have noticed that these hardcore space dwellers aren't your typical colonists.

What started as a mission to spread humanity into the far reaches of the universe soon became one of desperation and confusion. Colonists had settled down on a seemingly habitable planet and even befriended the local race, only to soon discover that their human bodies were failing. No dirty details here, but suffice it to say - the deterioration was rapid. Compassionate with the plight of newcomers, the locals came up with a solution.

They had created a collection of prototype hosts, supposedly capable of sustaining human life. As the end closed in with no escape in sight, the humans had little choice but to accept. They submitted their will to the untested alien technology and let their consciousness, their very essence be transferred into the new vessels. After the desperate deed was done, humans woke up in strange-looking bodies. They've left their old, now life-less form behind and became one with their new hosts - automatons with egg-shaped heads.

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