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6500 Element4ls are on their way. Mastering the elements, these are the strongest forces known in the Universe!

Who are the Element4ls?

Known for their superpowers and heroism when disaster hits the Universe, these humanoid robots have a stunning and unique appearance. Their sole mission is to restore harmony within the Universe and protect the elements at all cost. The Element4ls get their name from the four primal elements they can control and master. They are the strongest sentient force known to the Universe.

Their Mission On the streets of planet Crypto, there are whispers of chaos and war that has broken out on planet Earth. Mankind is fighting themselves and destroying everything in their way. A cloud of despair looms in the air, whilst the very elements of Earth are crumbling right before them. Before it’s too late, the Element4ls must gather to save mankind and planet Earth. But first, they must gear up to travel far and beyond the galaxy, past ruined planets, deadly creatures, and other living things. Will the Element4ls make it in time to save planet Earth? Stay tuned to find out…

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