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Fishbowl Heads NFT

Fishbowl Heads is a collection of 9,999 super cute fish avatar NFTs,

created by @V2Keth @Nackmache & team. Presale : 27th OCT.

What are Fishbowl Heads?

Fishbowl Heads is a collection of 9,999 super cute aquatic themed digital NFT collectibles, swimming on the Ethereum blockchain. Each of the Fishbowl Heads NFTs is programmatically generated and made up of a unique combination of Clothes, Bowls, Environments and Fishes, across 192 traits randomised for varying rarities, minted as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, with the media and metadata hosted on IPFS. And needless to say, they make for an adorable profile picture.

How rare are my Fishbowl Heads?

Fishbowl Heads as a whole is a rare NFT project in its own right, but some of them are more rare than others while some are extremely rare within the collection. The overall rarity of the NFT is defined by the average rarity of all the traits that form your Fishbowl Heads, calculated as a percentage. For a detailed understanding of Rarity, refer this useful blog post.

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