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Guppy Gang NFT

The community home for Guppy Gang, a next-generation gaming NFT from the creators of Untamed Isles, an upcoming NFT monster-taming MMORPG.

A Guppy is at the heart of what makes up the Untamed Isles. As the first-ever monster to be created, Guppy quickly became the mascot of our game and a crowd favorite of the community as it's grown. A cute, round face, a big flipper and a heart of gold — what's not to love? These iconic guppies can be found all over the Untamed Isles, high and low.

Having a team of concept, environment and game artists on our roster comes with its perks — not only are Guppys an adorable staple of the Untamed Isles, but they have now been equipped with hundreds of outfits, accessories and more, and they're now ready to meet their new tamers.


Throughout the social media of the Untamed Isles Guppy has quickly found its way into most interactions through emojis, gifs and fan art alike. It has been so exciting to spend the time to create these fully personalized Guppy Gang art pieces and we are thrilled with the personality that has been captured within each generative piece.

With only 10,000 of these Guppys being generated make sure to get in quick as we cannot guarantee how long stock will last. These are genesis NFTs and this is an opportunity you don't want to miss.

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