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Lost Apes NFT

Save the Apes

On the 26th of May 2016, our beloved, great Western Lowland gorilla Harambe, was fatally shot by zookeepers after a human child fell into his enclosure and he went to inspect the child. This caused widespread grief and anger as many believed that Harambe meant no harm to the child and did not have to die that day.

After the tragic death of the alpha male Harambe, thousands of baby gorillas were left without their leader & parent, leaving them stranded, alone and lost.

We need you to help these Lost Apes find a new home. Adopt these Lost Apes and help keep Harambe’s babies and his legacy alive.

The Project: Founded by a dedicated and passionate team, lost apes is most certainly the cutest NFT drop on the blockchain. We aim to ensure Harambe’s legacy lives on forever by making Lost Apes one of the most unforgettable NFT collection projects in the meta-verse, dedicated to the great gorilla. Along this journey, we will build a loving community of new Lost Ape adopters, and together we can bring to life the end goal of this project.

The Game: The final milestone for this project is to create & release our own game application. In-which, we incorporate the power of the ERC-721 ecosystem and reward Lost Ape owners with the luxury of tending to their new babies and earning rewards from the community wallet pool while doing so. We have hired skilled third party developers who are in the process of bringing this idea to life and we will keep the community updated! Only 7,000 Lost Apes will ever be released, within two stages, and the game will be exclusive to Lost Ape NFT owners. So make sure you mint yours! The first collection of Lost Apes will be male and the second bunch will be female, adopters will require both male and female apes to unlock in-game breeding and create another baby ape to nurture. More details on the game and it’s features will be released as our community grows and the Lost Apes get adopted, without parents there’s nobody to look after them!

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