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METAWALLS is the new NFT platform inspired by, and built for Berlin’s artists. METAWALLS is bringing Berlin’s vibrant Street Art culture into the Metaverse and the world of blockchain.

METAWALLS CO-NFT concept allows 'fractional' distribution and ownership of a single NFT artwork; using the METAWALLS custom APP, an original artwork can be minted as 'fractionalised' shares. The APP has been developed in-house to enable participating artists to monetise and share their work.

Shares can be collected, traded, or blended (to generate unique NFT's) and are governed by a customised OpenZeppelin ERC-1155 Smart Contract, providing secure, lifelong proof of ownership on the Polygon POS blockchain.

About the CO-NFT Sale METAWALLS is beyond excited to proudly be able to present to you this fascinating piece of Berlin art history, stretching back over 30 years. Working closely with Jim we are presenting ‘Doin it cool for the East Side II’ as the very first CO-NFT. This iconic artwork will be fractionalised into a total 780 shares.

Born in 1968, Jim Avignon is one of the most extraordinary figures working in the German art scene today. Musician, DJ, performer, curator and painter, Avignon paints a lot, and fast. His pictures are a mash-up of cartoon-like figurations embedded in an expressionistic pictorial style, the compositions always created ‘in the moment’. He utilises a minimum of lines to trigger maximum expression. Avignon’s works can be found in collections and museums worldwide, as well as lining the walls of clubs, venues, and out on the city streets. Using the accelerationism of society as a theme, his ironic and humorous works are frequently seen to be disrupting the paradigms of social inequality.


Our sale is going live on nov 9th, be sure to sign up to our email newsletter to be notified when the sale starts.

Drop:Nov 9 - 10:00 PM (19:00 UTC)

Start price: 0.02 ETH

Items available: 780 items

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