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Miss Frais NFT

Provocative, Sexy & Powerful

Miss Frais believes in magic and for her every day is the best day ever! She loves nature and being naked, ice cream and beautiful sunsets, she is here to remind you of the beauty of life and inspire you to believe in yourself.

Miss Frais NFT - October 20 @ 4 PM EST

Maria Tokareva

Maria, or Masha as she likes to be called, has been involved in the Miami Wynwood art scene since 2015. Born in Minsk to a Colombian father and Russian mother, who are also both artists— her vibrant mix of backgrounds and her artisan roots are a constant source of inspiration that has played an essential role in the tremendous success of her artworks. Since 2015 she has been featured in various prestigious International Art Fairs, including Art Basel in Miami. In addition, Masha’s artwork is featured in dozens of exhibits across the US and Latin America.

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