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Piggy Crew

Mint your own Piggy to be a part of community

Mint starts on 15th of November 2021

Piggy Crew is a premium collection of 10 000 Super Piggies who are a part of our card pay2earn game. Each piggy was born to explore the darkest secrets of space and to build an entire empire. There will be 3 races and piggies owners will get a premium membership in our awesome metaverse.

PiggyCrew ALREADY has an official community wallet with $500 000 which we will spend on a community development. Every Piggy owner gains access to a unique experience with gifts, giveaways, merchandise, and an opportunity to win a brand new Tesla Model S.

PiggyCrew itself has an exchange mechanic, where even the ordinary common piggies have a chance to gain exclusive non-mintable gen1 NFTs. Stay tuned for the news, Commander!

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