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Rock Dogs

The Rock Dogs is an eco-system of Rock Culture within the NFT World. The Rock Dogs are 10,000 unique designed 3D characters with 196 randomly generated features living on the Ethereum blockchain.


Every Rock Dog represents a unique piece of 3D digital artwork which has been algorithmically generated from 196 traits across 25 categories.

Not only are the Rock Dogs dope designed characters, they also serve as your ticket to a world of exclusive content.

Purchasing a Rock Dog costs 0.07 ETH to mint. All Rock Dog holders will be able to mint a Rock Puppy for FREE. TBA


// COMMUNITY GRANT FUND OF 10 ETH Community grand fund of 10 ETH is launched. Create, design, develop, or build something that The Rock Dogs community will value (ex. more utility for dogs, more art, etc.) and receive funding from the RockDogs team. In addition to this 1% of all OpenSea fees will go into the community grant forever. Our focus is to build a strong community and all work together to make this a long-term project. We want to make this a huge success for everyone involved.

// BLOCKCHAIN ROCK DOGS GAME Next step will be the Rock Dogs game that we are developing with a well-known blockchain gaming company. We will launch $ RDOG token for the game, and you will be able to use your RockDogs in the game as assets. Date TBA

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