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250 unique, algorithmically generated spinning colorful Globes in a MP4 format - stored with proof of ownership stored on the Solana blockchain.

Hey, if by any chance you stumble upon this page, I'm going to write a quick story about how this collection came about. My name is Pan(not my real name) and I'm a web developer that is never happy with the things that he accomplishes, that's why I like to challenge myself with projects I know nothing about, hence I said to myself that I should make an NFT collection, even though I am not an artist. So I did what I do best - code. I build an automation software that combined 3 different workflows:

Workflow 1: Building the scene for the NFT with 6 random colors (One for each globe and two for the background colors).

Workflow 2:Capturing the video.

Workflow 3:Cutting every video to be 8s long and exporting it.

When all was good, I left my pc for a day pumping out 8s perfectly looped videos. Creating the NFTs turned out to be the easy part...

Making an NFT minting website turned out to be a pain in the forward 2 months of saying "FUCK" a lot I was done.

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