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The Mystical Order of the Unicorns

They cannot suppress the voices of those who wish to speak the truth anymore. This secret was seen to threaten the very fabric of society. What is this secret, you ask yourself? There is an answer to that question, and that answer is U N I C O R N S. Unicorns are real and more and more is coming out about this secret society. The Unicorns shroud themselves in the veil of politics and mass-media articles when, in the mean time, they were plotting and planning a New World Order, The Order of the Unicorns.

But now is our chance, we caught several unicorns and revealed their identity to the world. Being a group of magical creatures, a weakness in their system is that when someone catches them on camera they can capture their soul and that person can take control over their identity, becoming a member of THE ORDER. Turn into a member right now by choosing 1 of the 1111 unicorns profiles.

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