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Thug Pugs

Adorable to the eye. Territorial to the bone. 7,777 Thug Pugs, hand-drawn and high-res scanned | Minting on ETH on Oct 27 at 6 PM UTC

Pugs seemed doomed to live as fancy props. Mere portable delights for their human masters. But a few rogue ones didn't want to play the nice-dog game anymore.

They are the Thug Pugs: 7,777 unique, randomly generated creatures.

Adorable to the eye, territorial to the bone.

They broke their leashes and are now reborn as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, to become masters of their own faith.

Will they breed? Will they throw you $TBONES? Will they gang up? Yes, yes, and maybe. How they evolve is up to you.

Dogs were always thrilled to extend you their paws. Now it's time for you to give them a hand. Will you help them conquer the new world?

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