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We Are Satoshis

A story about a community that grew overnight and our values.

A common enemy

We believe Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies represent (financial) freedom and justice for an ordinary

person. Corruption and inflation both cause great misery and suffering.

We are convinced Crypto solves at least these two problems of our society.

Increasing money supply inevitably leads to devaluation of your cash assets, which is one of the major pain points for us. You worked hard for years or decades to save money for retirement, a house, raising a family, only to see 10–20% or even more of your savings vanish and be eaten by inflation. We believe Crypto solves this, which is one of the main reasons we think Cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, is vital for avoiding future crises.

But what hurts us even more is the corruption. Lack of transparency is what allows corruption to thrive. Corruption is a big problem that leads to many injustices in our society. With Crypto, everything is transparent. Although anonymous, each transfer is visible to anyone, and there is no hiding. A malicious player can stay hidden for a while, but eventually, everything will be revealed.

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