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woody dog

This is Woody’s universe. Let’s go adventure!

The universe of Woody, where is the energy source of ETH. This place is maintained by these woody dogs. Each woody dog has its own different crystals. All woodies get the powers from ETH. This universe has been peaceful for a long time until someday there is just a only woody dog ​​who wants to occupy ETH . It has joined and being ally with injustice which has the same goals. If you want to know how story is going to be next. Please looking forward to second set of woody dog.

Hello~! Colloectors, welcome to Woody page. This is Woody’s universe. Let’s go adventure!!!🌟

🔸1st collection🔸

🐶 woody dog No. 001 - 050

☆ Common : 30 (General crystals) & ★ rare: 15 (Special yellow crystals) ✪ legend : 5 (Super special golden crystals)

After 1st collection, there will be special missions for collectors. Please, stay tuned!

🔸2nd collection 🔸

🔒 No. 051 - 100 🔒

🐶 Woody dog limited for 300 sets + extras (according to the recent plan)

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